SF2 Head
SF2 Head Interior - cover removed
SF2 Head W Scrubber
SF2 Scrubber in body, Bellows
SF2 Head W Scrubber and Bellows
SF2 Head with Scrubber, Counterlung and body section
SF2 Head with Scrubber in body section and Counterlung
SF2 assembly sequence - head, scrubber bellows inside 2 body sections


SF2 Bellows being inserted into lower body section
SF2 Bellows after insertion into lower body section
SF2 upper body section being installed on top of lower body section after bellows insertion
SF2 scrubber being installed
SF2 assembly before head installation
SF2 Completely assembled with loop hoses

About The SF2 ECCR

  • Carbon fiber body is lightweight for travel; rugged and easy to care for.
  • Unit uses rock solid Shearwater electronics. Petrel 2 primary controller. Primary bus is digital. Secondary bus is analog with Fischer Connector that will accept any secondary monitoring device.
  • Assembly and teardown is very simple, as is illustrated in the breakdown page above.
  • Easy to pack axial scrubber.
  • Highest water tolerance of any unit on the market. Easy to "dewater".
  • The most streamlined and hydrodynamic unit on the market.
  • Automatic Diluent Valve (ADV) can be shut off.
  • Compact loop makes the unit easy to maintain setpoint and easy to flush.
  • Clean chest area allows easy access to D-Rings.
  • Convertable to sidemount unit in less than 10 minutes.
  • Factory service available in both US and Europe.